Last week, I got back from RAPID + TCT, the 3D printing industry’s biggest annual conference in North America, and I saw the field’s future:


Here’s what you should know

Photo by Fredy Jacob on Unsplash

Hi! 👋 Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me.

If I’ve sent you this link, it means that I want to talk further about potentially working together but I want you to know more about me and what I’m looking for before we invest our time…

Package management as functional programming

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I’ve been updating my workflow based on lessons learned from my first GIS project. One of the major developer UX problems I faced was installing and managing a GIS toolchain on my laptop based on QGIS and GDAL. …

The humility of really committing to your career

A potter turns a vase on a potting wheel.
Photo by SwapnIl Dwivedi on Unsplash

I’ve been writing code professionally for about six years now. I’ve had at least one job title with the word “senior” in it, though as a programmer, I consider myself a journeyman.

I’ve maintained a narrative during my short career that, for me, programming is just a means to an…

It’s about pricing and scaling, not architecture

Not sure whether TJ Holowaychuk was the first to point this out or not, but this tweet triggered an epiphany for me about serverless:

There’s nothing that demands that you write your AWS Lambda functions as tiny one-off components that are composed into a cloud of synchronized microservices. A…

The alternative is much scarier

Mark Zuckerberg stated during his recent Congressional testimony that “there will always be a version of Facebook that is free.” Would a paid, ad-free option would help encourage a more privacy-focused ecosystem?

Common wisdom says yes, but perhaps the alternative is much scarier.

For all the privacy problems that exist…

but do buy into the cryptocurrency future.

Blockchains are a brilliant application of cryptography to the concept of a distributed, immutable log. But here’s the thing: there is a 99% chance that blockchains are totally inappropriate for whatever problem you’re thinking about solving, especially when the disadvantages are so numerous.

When should you use a blockchain? Almost never.

I’m getting tired of writing angsty comments on friends’ well-intentioned but misinformed Facebook posts about Bitcoin, so I’m refactoring my thoughts here. I have one basic message for you:

Bitcoin isn’t what you think it is.

Why Bitcoins aren’t tulips

First of all, Bitcoins aren’t tulip bulbs. I’m referring to the tulip mania meme…

After my lease runs out on November 1st, for the next three months I’ll be living in an Airbnb, a private room inside a hostel. $900/mo. with all utilities included. That’s what we in San Francisco call a steal.

Three months also happens to be a nice chunk of time…

Ersin Akinci

Perpetually curious.

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